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Holy Spirit: The Ultimate Helper

4/28/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  Holy Spirit: The Ultimate Helper 


4/21/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  EndGame 

God Provides a Sacrifice

4/14/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  God Provides a Sacrifice 

Jesus died for sinners

4/7/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  Jesus died for sinners 

Praying to get results

3/31/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  Praying to get results 

Giving is the key

3/24/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  Giving is the key 

Gotta Serve Somebody

3/17/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  Gotta Serve Somebody 

Prayer evidence

3/10/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  Prayer Evidence - Suicide King 

Pray for your enemies

3/3/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  Pray for your enemies 

More Power

2/24/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  More Power 

Pray Always

2/17/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  Pray Always 

Watch and Pray

2/10/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  Watch and Pray 

Calling and Anointing

2/3/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  Calling and Anointing 

More than enough

1/27/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  More than enough 

Full of the Holy Spirit

1/20/2019 Pastor Glen Moore  Full of the Holy Spirit 

Work For Me

12/30/2018 Pastor Glen Moore  Work For Me 

The World Needs Love

12/23/2018 Pastor Glen Moore  The World Needs Love 

Joy To The World

12/16/2018 Pastor Glen Moore  Joy to the world 

The Ten Virgins Parable

8/19/2018 Glen H Moore   





Responsibilities with Training


Have Faith

5/28/2018 Glen H. Moore   

Influence (Mother's Day)

5/13/2018 Glen H. Moore   

Keep Your Promise

5/6/2018 Glen H. Moore   

The Hem of His Garment


Faith Is The Substance

4/15/2018 Glen H. Moore   

God Cares About Your Prayers (AUDIO)

4/8/2018   John 14:38 

God Cares About Your Prayers (VIDEO)


What Did Jesus Do On Earth?

4/1/2018 Glen H. Moore   

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