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New Life Church Blog

June 2018

Jesus The Vision Caster

Jesus is a vision caster, “The Kingdom of God is at Hand, Repent!”  He was extremely fanatically passionate about the Father and His kingdom.  You read his vision statement quite a lot in the Gospels.  He is constantly announcing it to anyone who would listen.  He...

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Gifts In The Church

The necessity of the Church is critical for the believer, because development of the  "Champion's Heart" is part of God's plan.  When you repented of your sins and accepted the Lord Jesus as your savior and Lord you received a brand new heart, a "Champion's...

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Finish My Course: Stephen Keith Colclasure

Steve Colclasure was born on earth to be like Jesus and do something great with his life.  Every man is born on this earth to do something great.  Many are called by God, but few make the cut.  They have enemies they are not even aware of in this life.  The flesh, the world and...

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Holy Convictions: Founding Fathers of America

Many countries go through many forms of government over a short period of time.  They try a form of government and then overthrow it and try another form of government.  During those revolutions lots of lives are wasted, mother’s sons sacrificed to unholy revolutions.  For a...

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Mother's Influence

What do generals, actors, bank robbers, coal miners, and cooks have in common?  They all had a mother that was the first depositor of love, truth, and justice in their heart.  They were the first promise keepers in their life; the first coach, the first boundary line enforcers in...

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