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New Life Church Blog

September 2017

The Secret Way to Rewards

The days and times we live in can press you out of measure and shape.  If you feed your soul a diet of bad news and negativity you will choke out the “abundant life” that Jesus promised you.  The “abundant life” is your “promised land” that must be...

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Possess the Promises of the Abundant Life

In John 10:10 Jesus tells us that he came to give us an abundant life, and this is the entry door that will start making sense in your relationship with him.  Jesus has been given all power and authority in the universe, and he can use that to make all things work together for your good,...

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What Will Giving Thanks Do For Your Faith?

Your faith will begin to grow to new levels.  Each time that you give thanks to the Lord and allow Him to fight your battles He pull strings in your favor as you trust Him over and over and over.  Giving thanks removes doubt, fear, and worry.  Once you experience God in your...

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