How do you get to earth?  You must arrive as a new born baby of flesh and blood, and DNA from two people that come together and create one of their kind.  This little baby takes on the characteristics of his/her parents beginning in the womb and through maturity.  He has the same genetic codes and may have certain flesh characteristics that look like her parents.  That is the only way that you get to enter humanity that has dwelt on earth for thousands of years.  It begins with a seed that impregnates the egg and life begins.

So, how do you get to heaven?  One may think that when their life is complete that they will automatically go to heaven.  If that were the truth, then why not let everyone skip this human life so that we can all start in heaven and be there forever.  In the beginning we were in a place that was perfect in every way except we were given free choice (sinful nature) to choose to obey God’s decree or disobey God’s decree.  Adam and Eve decided to partake of the forbidden fruit after Satan tempted and deceived them into believing that God had tricked them.

You simply choose to follow the one who came from heaven?  If I want to reach heaven I can’t buy in, or talk my way in, or negotiate terms with the terms that are laid down clearly in God’s perfect holy word, “for the wages of sin is death.”  So, I am born into a transgressors earth family, and I am trapped.  No way out, no way to get heaven on my own abilities, skills, cunning ways, or mother’s prayers.  I have only one way to get to heaven.  I must choose the sinless savior who freely offers me heaven if I will accept his terms of a free gift of salvation. I must simply repent of my sins and accept Jesus into my life, and he will wash away all my sins with his perfect blood. 

Now, I get to go to heaven through the blood of a God Man, Jesus, who lived just like me on this earth, but lived sinless and perfect before God.  He took my place on the cross and offered me freedom if I would turn from my sin and let him live in me.  That is the best deal heaven could offer the earth family the blood of a God Man who died to free them from their sin.  Today is the day to turn your life over to Jesus and invite him into your heart to live forever in peace, love, and joy.  Please open your heart right now and say yes to Jesus.