What do generals, actors, bank robbers, coal miners, and cooks have in common?  They all had a mother that was the first depositor of love, truth, and justice in their heart.  They were the first promise keepers in their life; the first coach, the first boundary line enforcers in their life.  Mothers partner with the God of the universe to prepare and train the next generation to take their place as stewards of God’s planet.

They prepared the next generation of parents to take care of their grandchildren through modeling and one on one mentoring.  The Lord promises to help you if you will follow His precepts, commandments, principles and eternal truths.  What could be better than that in this world?  The Lord also promised to surround the little ones with angels and protect them from danger as they grew up in this world. 

Mothers get a shot at influencing a home, a town, a city, and a nation through their devotion to God and their children.  It is not an easy task for sure.  There are long days and long hours of doing the basic duties to raising mayors, train conductors, schoolteachers, and policemen.  They weep and pray over their children after a needed reproof and scolding, and question if they were too harsh.  It is not an easy ministry being a mother in this life.  You will need prayer and love from your husband, your mother, and your children to get the job done right.

There have been many mothers throughout time that realized it was a great task that required the vigilance of an almighty God who could be everywhere at once.  Suzanna Wesley was such a mother of nineteen children and would spend daily time with the Lord in front of her children.  She would sit down on the kitchen floor and put her apron up over her head and pray to the Lord for her future ministers in her charge; John Wesley and Charles Wesley.  She never preached a sermon or published a book but is often called the mother of Methodism. 

Why you might ask?  Because John and Charles Wesley applied the sixteen home rules that she taught in her home in their ministry.  They founded the Methodist Church that spread around the world.  She passed on what she was taught and made a huge impact for the Lord upon thousands and tens of thousands of souls.  Her crowns and rewards are great in heaven today because of her commitment to the Lord Jesus and her calling and commitment to motherhood. 

Mother you have an opportunity to impact countless lives through your little ones.  God does not see your calling as insignificant in teaching His little ones to become great ones in thirty years.  Keep praying and believing that everyday of your sowing into the hearts of your children your biblical values and commitments will make a difference in generations to come.  By faith you will move mountains and change the world one prayer at a time.  It will be worth it all when you see Jesus face to face Mother.