Steve Colclasure was born on earth to be like Jesus and do something great with his life.  Every man is born on this earth to do something great.  Many are called by God, but few make the cut.  They have enemies they are not even aware of in this life.  The flesh, the world and the Devil, who is a liar, will do everything possible to keep you from reaching your potential in Jesus Christ.  He will appeal to your insecure unformed immature EGO, which simply means “Edging God Out” of your life.  He will baptize you in the pain and sufferings and traps of this world to where you will struggle day in and day out eventually ending up in last place.

Steve Colclasure started out looking for something more to this life than the flesh, the world, and it’s traps.  Like Paul the Apostle Paul started out as a persecutor but met Jesus on the road to Damascus with a blinding heavenly light that knocked him off his high horse.  He thought he was doing everything right like most men do only to meet Jesus on the road to Damascus.  Steve was busy doing his thing and then he met Jesus when he got knocked off his horse.  Blinded by the Devil but Jesus gave him perfect vision to realize life without Jesus meant nothing.

Steve got into the fight and the race of eternity and it wasn’t too long before everything came into focus and Jesus was the Lord of his life.  He did what Jesus said to do, he said what Jesus said to say, and he went where Jesus told him to go.  He was no longer running in a dead end race with no winner’s circle in sight.  He was now on his way to heaven serving Jesus, worshipping Jesus, growing in Jesus, loving others just like Jesus loves all the people on earth.  He was telling everyone about Jesus and what love, joy, and peace you could have if you turned your life over to Jesus.

Steve was on fire for the first time in his life with something greater than he had ever known.  Now he had a course charted for him by the King of Kings.  He had a personal mission that only he could fulfill.  He was part of a Kingdom that had power he could tap into through God’s Bible, praise, prayer, and other believers on the same journey.  Even in his darkest days on earth when death surrounded him the love and light of Jesus blazed through him like a tornado and thunderstorm. 

Then one day he finished his fight, finished his race, and fulfilled the course of his life and stepped into his glorified body in heaven.  He received his crowns and rewards that were laid up for him in glory.  Steve was a godly man that loved Jesus with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength.  He finished his earthly course and stepped over to heaven in the arms of love of Jesus.  He left a mighty legacy for all of us to follow to Jesus the Savior and Lord of all men.  Thank you, Mr. Colclasure, for being the godly man that we all came to love and cherish and will one day be reunited with when we meet you in the parking lot of heaven.