The necessity of the Church is critical for the believer, because development of the  "Champion's Heart" is part of God's plan.  When you repented of your sins and accepted the Lord Jesus as your savior and Lord you received a brand new heart, a "Champion's Heart."  Jesus did not come to repair the old one; he gave you one that is pure and full of himself.  The Church is the "Winning Team" where you find resources that will develop your "Champion Heart."  The Church has a two thousand year winning track record.  It has never been defeated and will never be defeated, and there is a special place for you and your unique God given giftedness. 

He designed the Church in heaven, and stated that the gates of hell would not prevail against it.  Since becoming a believer you are part of the Lord Jesus' dream team, because you have received spiritual gifts, natural gifts, skilled gifts, that are to be used for the glory of God in service at His local Church.  Imagine how powerful the Church would be on earth if everyone was obedient to the call of God on their life.  The Church has been blessed by God and called to be a blessing to the community that it serves.  God has blessed you with a new life, and has called you to be a blessing to everyone in your network of family, loved ones, friends and associates at work.

"Due to our consumer mindset, people are prone to jump from church to church, which weakens the church overall."       Francis Chan, Pastor and Author

The great apostle Paul who was a missionary that planted Churches throughout the Mediterranean Territory wrote in Ephesians that it was important for the believer and devoted follower of Jesus Christ to establish his roots in the fertile soil of the local Church.  The Apostle Paul had a pastor's heart and knew how critical that process was to the believer.  Once roots are established the believer begins to grow, develop, and thrive as a disciple.  The new disciple is connected to Jesus Christ, the Church, and the Word of God and personal prayer.  It is extremely helpful to have prayer partners as a new disciple; they are there to pray you through a tough situation, and vice versa.  All believers are in warfare and need prayer partners.