Jesus is a vision caster, “The Kingdom of God is at Hand, Repent!”  He was extremely fanatically passionate about the Father and His kingdom.  You read his vision statement quite a lot in the Gospels.  He is constantly announcing it to anyone who would listen.  He had a message vision for everyone that he met.  He stopped funerals, cast out demons, healed the lame, and reached out to the broken hearted and downcast people.  He included everyone.

He called you and gave you his great kingdom vision just like he called Peter and the other disciples and gave them the vision, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men, Matt. 4:19.”  Men are living souls that God created and placed on earth with a calling to fulfill.  He has called you to help him fish for the souls of men; mainly your network of friends that you associate with on a regular basis.  Those are the people that you are responsible for in your spiritual journey.  He is counting on you to follow him and assist him as he sets up your divine appointment calendar.  This is the greatest vision that changes you and everyone.

No one ever had a greater opportunity than the disciples to follow Jesus for three and a half years.  Every day was something unique and full of surprises when Jesus spoke to people and ministered to them.  One day he was fishing for the woman at the well that was an outcast.  Even the disciples were shocked that he had lowered himself to talk to her.  Jesus humbled himself by taking on the form of a servant to minister to everyone, Philippians 2:5-11.  He restored her with living water, and then she went boldly proclaiming to the town of Samaria that she had met the greatest man that told her everything about herself.

She was a vision caster for Jesus, and the entire town responded by coming to see this man, and Jesus won the entire town that day.  You are a vision caster because Jesus has called you to be a great disciple by giving you salvation.  Greater is he that lives in you than he that lives in the world, 1 John 4:4.  He has called us to be overcomers and vision casters to the lost souls that are struggling in sin.  You have overcome by the blood of Jesus’ sacrifice.  We prove ourselves to be disciples when we go after the lost souls of our network by praying for them first, and asking God for the open heart and opportunity to minister to them.

We seek the Lord by becoming a disciple and making a disciple.  This is the same strategy that Jesus used to defeat the enemy.  Many Christians in the Church are defeated because they are not following Jesus in the vision that he gave us two thousand years ago in Matthew 28:18-20 or they have not been trained properly.  Now is the day of training to become a disciple in Jesus.  You are anointed, empowered, and will be prepared to do the work of a good laborer in the fields of harvest for the souls of men and women.  Your rewards will be great here on earth and eternity.

God Bless and Anoint You For Greater Works!